An HR Executive’s Guide to Renting a Serviced Apartment in Singapore

In recent years, serviced apartments have emerged as a viable alternative to hotels and other forms of accommodation, especially when it comes to housing foreign workers for short-term and fixed-term projects. 

They are especially popular for short-term stays in Singapore, beating out hotels by being cheaper while still retaining the level of service you would expect to receive from your traditional business hotel. 

But what exactly is a serviced apartment, and why are corporate travellers drawn to them?

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment in Singapore is a fully furnished apartment that’s available for both short-term and long-term stays. 

Like a hotel, it comes with amenities for daily use, housekeeping, and other services to make each guest’s stay as comfortable as possible, all of which are included in the rental price. Taxes, utilities, and other surcharges may also be included in the lease. 

Admittedly, the term “serviced apartment” or “serviced residence” is relatively unknown outside of the corporate relocation and business travel sectors. They have long been available on online booking websites, but are not usually placed in a separate category. 

Instead, they are grouped together with regular hotel accommodations but labelled as an “apartment.” 

You may also find a variation of serviced apartments under headings/labels such as:

Serviced residences

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