A Fulfilling Homeful Apartment Rental Experience

At Expat Corporate Apartments, we offer fully furnished and fully equipped affordable short-term rental and medium-term housing in serviced apartments in South West and Western Singapore. We offer more than just standard Singapore apartments. We provide a secondary homeful experience option whether you are planning for long-term or short-term accommodation while working on a project or conducting business. Here are common reasons why renting an apartment is an ideal option today than purchasing a new home:

  • Access to amenities
  • No maintenance costs and repair bills 
  • High flexibility to downsize
  • More flexibility and affordability
  • Fixed rent amount
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Our rental apartments are designed with modern equipment and strategically located near amenities because we understand every client’s needs for those who are looking for quality Singapore apartments. Tenants who are finding a place to stay here will discover an efficient and quick service for more flexibility, allowing them to focus more on things that matter.

    We also travel great lengths to ensure those needs are fulfilled while leaving a satisfactory experience. After all, client satisfaction has always been—and always will be—the open secret to our success. We are the one point of contact for the tenants for all questions concerning the apartment in order to preserve the high standard for all the apartments we maintain. We are dedicated and committed to providing only the best.

    Our service apartment for rent in Singapore also boasts dedicated customer support with full access to all condo facilities for a complete living experience. You can enjoy your stay with unlimited Fiber WIFI Internet, so you are always on the go whenever the need for a quick response arises for your business matters while enjoying a homeful leisure experience.

    With a fully equipped kitchen and furnished apartment, our tenant can expect a complete package experience for a fulfilling apartment living with available monthly rates. Professional, efficient, personalised, committed, expert, responsive, proactive service. Service that is tailored to your unique needs.

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    Tailored Facilities & Services For A Satisfying Experience

    When it comes to service apartments for rent in Singapore that cares for its tenants, we deliver quality customer service and assistance to our valued clients with greater efficiency. We understand the demands of balancing work and home living, thus our trained service staff are a single call away in attending to every need, whether it is for maintenance repairs or inquiries. After all, an ideal service apartment for rent in Singapore must always meet and attend to the tents’ needs.

    Since providing tenants with high-standard Singapore apartments is a top priority, our facilities are furnished and equipped to provide all the necessities you need for complete living. From the kitchen to the living room, our clients can experience a well-tailored environment that is comfortable and pleasing for them.