Why Rent a Serviced Apartment?

Although hotels and monthly serviced apartments in Singapore can give you the same luxury accommodation experience, they are different in one thing, space. With a hotel, entering the door will take you to a room with a comfy bed and a bath somewhere inside. As for serviced apartments with monthly rent, you will be welcomed by the same cosy bed and comfortable bath but with a large living room, separate dining area, kitchen and maybe a balcony as well. You may also choose from a 1 bedroom serviced apartment if you’re on a solo trip, a 2-bedroom serviced apartment for your small family and a 3-bedroom serviced apartment for your whole team. It’s kind of renting a whole residential apartment without the need to bring your things with you. Since it is a “serviced” apartment, the unit comes with ready to use amenities to make your stay comfortable.

Is a Serviced Apartment for You?

There are many reasons for renting serviced apartments in Singapore with monthly rates. For one, you may rent a unit for a short-stay during a business trip or a family outing and it wouldn’t cost as much as the rates of 5-star hotels. Additionally, it will be more budget-friendly for a long-stay. Most monthly serviced apartments are also strategically located in neighbourhoods and outskirts of the city, far enough from the bustling, stress and pollution but near enough for access to transportation and shopping districts which can make your stay more enjoyable. Thus, if you are looking for hassle-free accommodation, serviced apartments are for you!

Why Choose Expat Corporate?

Expat Corporate has been offering monthly serviced apartments for years. Moreover, we are offering 1 bedroom serviced apartments for solo travellers, 2-bedroom serviced apartments for small groups or families and 3-bedroom serviced apartments for large groups. Whatever your accommodation requirements are, we will go through lengths to give you a memorable stay!