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One of the more difficult tasks Human Resource Managers face on a daily basis is the complex handling of their company’s employee relocations.

Expat Corporate Apartments is a proud member of both the local and national SHRM organizations since 2014.

One of the most significant aspects of membership has been our “enlightenment” of the extremely difficult and complex nature of the entire relocation process.

We’ve seen over the years how the process continues to become more complex and has evolved into the outsourcing of many of those functions to outside third-party relocation companies.

We work in conjunction with both entities to ensure the temporary housing portion of the relocation process goes smoothly.

To Ease The Burden of The Transitioning Employee & Their Family

The easiest way to get the employee transition heading in a positive direction is by using our corporate apartments for their temporary housing.

We recognize first impressions of a new city are important. We strive to make sure the new employee and their family feel welcome and comfortable in their furnished apartment.

Benefits of Temporary Furnished Apartments

Expat Corporate Apartments offer several key advantages to business people on short-term assignments. Our properties:Expat Corporate Apartments offer several key advantages to business people on short-term assignments. Our properties:

  • Allow deployed staff members to live much as they do at home, cooking meals in their own fully equipped kitchen and relaxing in comfortable, sleek surroundings.
  • Offer personal services, such as 24-hour customer service, laundry and housekeeping, and full amenities.
  • Afford employees the ability to have a regular social life, with accommodations that make it easy to invite people over or have family come for a visit.
  • Encourage a residential experience that is also close to the office.

For HR professionals, the “right place” for their employees means temporary furnished housing from Expat Corporate Apartments.

Staying with us can pay off in higher employee satisfaction and better retention.

Expat Corporate Apartments provides all the best amenities for your employees and in top-rated buildings close to corporate and business centers, major commuter arteries, shopping, dining and recreation. They’ll appreciate the “home away from home” comfort, 24-hour emergency service and ability to have your company pay the bill directly. For Mobility/Human Resources, Expat Corporate Apartments is a trusted relocation partner who will make your selection and billing so streamlined that it’s almost like outsourcing the entire process.

Since we manage everything from sourcing to customer service and emergencies, you’ll receive reports and invoices only from us.

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