You have moved to Singapore and looking for your dream home.

You are catching up at work and experiencing a new world, culture, and meeting people. With never ending work and meetings, finding a new home can become a hassle.

We know you our need help.

Help in settling down with an apartment without much hassle and quickly move into your dream home in Singapore.

We have assisted many expatriates, single and family, in sourcing the best house during their time in Singapore. We work according to their timeline, budget, location preference, lifestyle and many more.

Long term apartment or housing rental tenure can start from 1-2 years. With consistent rising cost of the property market around the region, we ensure you will get the best deal to secure your property.



Tell us in four main criteria and we will work it for you.

  • Where : which location you need the apartment?
  • What : What size, type of apartment you need : 1BR/2BR/3BR, Bungalow, Condo?
  • When : When you need the apartment?
  • Budget : What is the budget that you looking at?

We will find your home based on your preference and advice you on matters that will best suite your interest.

For example, you might be struggling to find which town is the best for you to stay, remember not everything that you read online can be true, sometimes its good to get a local opinion. Committing a long-term tenancy is quite a vital process so that you do not end up staying in a deserted area and having a bad landlord to deal with all by yourself.



So what is your benefit in engaging us?

  • One Contact : Contact us and let us know your preference
  • Hassle Free :Let us handle all the viewing and appointments for you
  • Power Negotiation : Tap on our expertise to get the best bargain for your dream home
  • Legal vetting of TA : We will assist you to go through the term and clauses to protect you. We will assist you with Stamp duty , getting power connections and so on
  • Move in : We can help you to arrange movers, delivery of your furniture etc. We can share with you our network of supplier and contacts
  • Live Happily: Yeah live your life in SG in the most awesome way!

You only have one contact point to deal with your housing matters: From viewing arrangement, negotiation, vetting the TA, expert advices, move in.

We will be there with you from the day one of the process till you settle with the best option.

With Expat Corporate Apartments , we make sure you secure your “Dream Home” with ease. We make your housing accommodation easy from the first day till your lease end.

Talk to us now for unbeatable offer. Some of the questions that might come to your mind.

  • Is it within my budget?
  • How can I secure the apartment if my bank account is not up yet in Singapore?
  • Does it have enough furniture and facilities for your needs?
  • Is it close to the Bus-stops, MRT, or your workplace?
  • Is it near supermarkets or convenience stores?
  • Can I terminate the lease earlier if I have to leave Singapore?



We have over 15 years of experience in securing rental accommodation for expatriates. Our team of experts constantly search and update “good value for money” properties in some areas mainly central location of Singapore. We select carefully for new, modern and furnished apartment. We work very closely with developers and landlord agents to secure “Brand New Apartments” at a better rental rate. We have helped many expatriates to settle quickly in Singapore for their long-term accommodation.

You might be thinking about the cost of engaging us.


Yes you read it right , you will receive this package free when you take an apartment at minimum SGD3500 for two years.

We follow the market norm for the agency commission:

  • Above S$3,500 in rent and a two-year lease: Tenant doesn’t pay
  • Above S$3,500 in rent and a one-year lease – Tenant doesn’t pay or pay half month rent
  • At or below S$3,500 in rent and a two-year lease – One-month commission
  • At or below S$3,500 in rent and a one-year lease – Half month commission.

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Note all our Realtor are registered with CEA and well versed in rental industry.

Our agents will provide valuable input in the form of professional advice, for example on location, and guides you through the proper process of renting a property, including the necessary paperwork.

There have been countless cases of devious landlords taking flight with a tenant’s deposit, or sudden and unfair evictions.

Even if the lease is only for a year, having us to help you means peace of mind.

Why Choose Us ?

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