Expat Corporate Housing takes a stride in providing the best and quality living for our clients to make their stay, be it a short term or long term in Singapore, a memorable one. Through our unbeatable services we promise to deliver only the BEST for our customers.

Our Unbeatable Services includes :

For New Expats in Singapore

Relocation can be very exhausting and tiring. Let us take the burden from you.

You can start your accommodation finding while you are at your home country. 65% of our client books through online and move in to their apartment as soon they land in Singapore.

We also assist customers in finding their long term accommodation in Singapore.


Property Managements for Landlords, Agents, Owners, Developers

Need a professional help in managing your apartment? Leave it to us.

We have been expanding our expertise of corporate rental to property owners in Singapore. While their property is in good hands, they can be more happier and enjoy the steady stream of rental income.

Advertise your property with us and find that perfect tenant for your properties.

Taking over and handing over apartments have been a great challenge for home owners and agents.

At Expat Corporate Apartments, we strive to make the process a breeze.


Housing for Bulk Projects

We help project managers from various field (Oil and Gas,Shipping,Logistic, IT, Banking, Medical/Biotechnology, Energy and many more) across the globe when they have project in Singapore.

We offer our unbeatable services as an one stop solution for this companies when it comes to their employees accommodation needs.


For Human Resources Team, Relocation Specialist

We also want to make an easy process for the Human Resources and Relocation specialist team in finding a suitable and affordable housing for their staff and assignee in Singapore.

We provide the actual pictures of the apartment with a clear description for the team to send over the information to their overseas staff or assignee.

We also arrange viewing of the property and development for them to have the actual impression when their staff or assignee arrives in Singapore.

Your satisfaction is our goal.