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Corporate Apartments for Short Stay

Corporate Apartments for short stay are very much in demand and becoming a trend nowadays where expats and corporates looking for a comfortable stay in various location based on their working and personal preference. As this occurrence are expanding from time to time, it is important for the expatriates to have choices of comfortable living from day one of their arrival in Singapore. Lately living in corporate apartments for short stay is one of the best choices for the expatriates in Singapore . They find much flexibility in terms of pricing, location , services and much more when they go with this option as their temporary housing in Singapore.

Our corporate apartments for short stay are carefully selected and curated in order to provide the best of best quality apartments at a fraction of price than hotels and branded serviced apartments could offer. The uniqueness is that expatriates will be living peacefully together with locals and this gives them invaluable experience with local culture and tradition.

At Expat Corporate Apartments , we focus in providing apartments that are within walking or short distance to the transportation such as MRT , near to offices such as Jurong International Business Park , CBD. Not forgetting for the nearby amenities and facilities, we make sure all our apartments has ample of choice and quickly accessible to shopping, grocery, clinics, financial institutions and schools and much more.

Apartments under our care are located in new and modern condominiums. Our guest are able to enjoy array of facilities without any extra cost. Facilities includes, gymnasium, swimming pool, barbecue pit, Jacuzzi, children’s playground, function room, tennis courts and much more depending on the development. We will be assisting our guest in booking the facilities based on their requested time and date.

It is our goal to deliver a comfortable and memorable stay for business travellers during their short trip to Singapore. Our team forward to welcome and at service to render our assistance on a personalized manner for expats and corporates in Singapore.

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We have assisted many business travelers for their temporary housing in Singapore. Let us know your budget, location and start date and duration, one of our friendly client expert personal will be in contact with you.

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