Expat Corporate offers reasonably priced, cosy and spacious service apartments in Singapore for business trips, accommodation for corporate projects, temporary lounging when your house is being renovated, or if you’re seeking relocation and more. Located in good neighbourhoods and near the city, our service apartments offer convenient lounging for families and working individuals.

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Bulk Project

At Expat Corporate, we provide full & customised home rental solutions to company HRs. Expats who are temporarily in Singapore for overseas assignments can live comfortably with our extensive service apartment rental options.

Our Services Include:

  • Customised solutions based on your needs. As a boutique service apartment provider, we do what it takes to make it work for you.
  • Single-Point-of-Contact.  We handle everything for your expats – from plumbing issues, Starhub TV bills, DHL parcel delivery pickup to replacing a stained pillowcase, you can trust us to cover it all.
  • All Locations in Singapore. We will source the apartments for you even when we do not have suitable ones

How Does It Works?

  1. Download our HR Guide to corporate serviced apartment rental in Singapore.
  2. Contact us for a quick 5-minute consultation.
  3. Arrange for your SERVICE APARTMENT rental viewing and selection.

The leading provider of budget serviced apartments in Singapore

Moving to a foreign country can be really stressful and overwhelming – from arranging the right documents and getting your things sorted to planning for furnishing and accommodation. At Expat Corporate, we understand how difficult and nerve-racking relocating to Singapore can be, which is why we offer fully serviced, apartments rentals in Singapore, at the lowest monthly rates possible.

We know it can be daunting. But with Expat Corporate, you can now strike one of the greatest worries off your list and rest easy!

With a range of high-quality facilities and features and a dedicated team to assist you through every step of the way, you can toss all accommodation concerns to us and leave them in our good hands.

Everything is fully furnished and ready to welcome you – there are no better places for you to call home than our accommodations.

For an exceptional experience, choose Expat Corporate. We’ve helped numerous professionals settle into Singapore, and we strive to continue doing so.

Our apartment welcomes minimum 3 months booking and it can be extended monthly or yearly.

For more information regarding our affordable serviced apartments in Singapore, feel free to contact our team at +65 8797 9745, or drop us an email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rates of service apartments in Singapore vary depending on the location, the number of bedrooms, amenities, peak seasons, and availability of the units. It is good to enquire first to your chosen service apartment company for their current rates to prepare the budget.

Service apartments in Singapore are a type of lounge that can be leased in short or long term bases. Unlike hotels, service apartments come with amenities that you can find at home like kitchens and living rooms. As they were serviced, you can also enjoy inclusions like towels, pots, pans, utensils, bed covers and more

Service apartments are ‘serviced’ by the management. They are cleaned, tidied, organised and supplied with household items for the comfort of the guests. Our service apartments can be rented for short term (monthly) or long term (yearly). 

Serviced apartments consist of fully furnished, fully equipped and serviced apartments. Tenants simply have to bring their luggage and start staying there from day one without the hassle of setting up the apartment, applying electricity, wifi etc. and they get to enjoy a flexible duration of the lease term. The apartment will be managed by the operator and which allows the tenant to live peacefully.


For normal apartments, tenants bear the responsibility of setting up the apartments themselves and carry out duties such as buying furniture, equipment, electrical items, electricity, wifi and many more matters and the duration is fixed for at least 1 year. Tenants have to be in charge of all lease matters, and also repairs and damages in the apartment.

Typical service apartments can accept a minimum of 7 days of booking.
For private residential condominiums, the minimum stay is 3 months following URA rules.
As all our apartments are located In residential condo hence we accept a minimum 3 months booking.

The benefits of a service apartment are as follows:

  • Free use of household items and appliances
  • Repairs and maintenance are covered
  • Often close to the city, stores, shopping malls and more
  • Cheaper than hotels
  • Cleaning services (at a small fee)