Just scored yourself a new employment opportunity and is relocating to Singapore? First of all, a heartfelt congratulations on your new role and welcome to the Lion City! We are happy to have you part of the New Expat community in Singapore. With a high standard of living and rich cultural diversity, it is no surprise that Singapore continuously tops the charts among expatriates. Are you ready to experience a 360-degree change in the quality of life?

We know it is a dream come true for most expatriates to be relocated to Singapore. While you are excited, you can’t help but feel a little jittery about moving to a foreign city and having to hunt for the perfect long term rental apartment that fits your every need. We feel you! Fear not, because Expat Corporate has got you covered! Right in our platform, we offer an extensive list of long term serviced apartments for new expats searching for accommodation in Singapore. Whatever your desired amenities, location and budget is, we bring you a place where you can truly call ‘home’.


At Expat Corporate, we offer the very best in corporate housing for our global clients. Whether you are relocating to Singapore alone or with your family members, you can rely on us to go the extra mile to assist you throughout your long term stay in Singapore. You hear that right – we are more than happy and delighted to offer you a well suited rental solution.

Our team of professionals only curate the best apartments that are located within the vicinity of neighbourhood centres, shopping malls, eateries, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), schools and hospitals, among other amenities. On top of that, our long term condo rental apartments are found in the newer development areas that oversee the clean and green city. Trust us when we say that you will live in Singapore’s best residential neighbourhoods. Ready to create a memorable living experience in the Little Red Dot? 

Browse through our current listings of long term apartment rental, or get in touch with our team should you have any queries.


Meanwhile, here are some websites that have great information for first-time expats in Singapore. We strive to transform your experience in this new city into a seamless, relaxing and comforting one.