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Getting a Helper or Maid in Singapore Part II

Getting a Helper or Maid in Singapore Part II
Having a helper at your home for the first time 

Dear readers, I would like to share with you on some tips on a new helper.

Now all your application is approved and your helper have been issued with temporary work permit ( the actual work permit will be mailed within 5-7working days).Try to take your helper early in the morning, around 9am is perfect. Inspect all her belongings to ensure she do not being any unauthorized material into your home. I know it may seems awkward but trust me this is important. It is better to be open and upfront rather than getting into trouble at a later stage.

Upon reaching your home, introduce her to the family members. You may want to also let the helper knows on some of the highlights and rules in the house that is mandatory to follow. For example at some homes, the employer strictly disallow the using of mobile during the day time, for some clearing the rubbish every night is vital and the list goes on.

Home Orientation tour

Next show her around the house, create an environment for her to freely ask questions. Do offer some food as she might have not eaten well due to the nervousness of going to your home for the first time. Along the way try to highlight important task that you would like her to pay attention to.If you have a huge house, do the orientation in two or a few part otherwise it could be overwhelming for the maid to digest and to remember every single details.

Finally show her room or the place where she can rest and wind off after a tiring day. Make sure this area has a good air ventilation. I’ve heard stories from my previous maid that they were giving just sleeping mat that is worn out. There we no fan and the poor helper had very less rest and good sleep. Helpers deserve a good rest as they are the ones helping us to keep our household clean and manage many aspects of our lives which seems small but it is indeed significant.

Make sure the helper get good nutritional food. The simplest way is to let her eat the food that we prepare for the family. If you are comfortable and has the means, you may allow her to cook her own food. Otherwise you can still do that on once a while basis. I am sure the helper will be more than happy and feel appreciated.

Now that the orientation is over, let the helper have a moment for herself before she commence her duties as your loyal helper at service.

I hope this tips will brings value 🙂



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