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Getting a Helper or Maid in Singapore

Getting a Helper or Maid in Singapore

Getting a helper is an easy process if you have find a suitable helper to assist you in your daily chores.
Living in digital age, both husband and wife are forced to work in order to cover the ever escalating cost of living.
When this happens , the ultimate question will be on who will be taking care of the kids and all the household chores?
It is very hard to cope all single handedly and to solve this the best way will be to get a helper or a domestic maid.
Apart from getting a helper, you can opt to place the kids in child care/ student care center or to send them to your parents.
However this will only solve the kids care issues. How about the household chores? The cooking, the laundry, the grocery and the list goes on.

Getting a helper involves a few process.
You can engage professional maid agency who has thousands of bio-data of new fresh maid and local transfer maid.
These agencies provides many services such as interview, paperwork, insurance and pass issuance.
While they take care of all this area to make it a ease for you to get a helper, the cost for their service is rather high.A normal agency will charge you from SGD1000 to SGD2500 for the agency fee only. This has not include the maid salary and insurance for the helper.
Paying this high cost also does not guarantee that you will get your dream maid in any case. There a many cases of disobedient dishonest maids around.
It is hard to gauge a person just based on a small interview that you have with the helper.
When getting a helper, do not forget to check on the maids background , you can ask the agency to provide you the details.

You will need to submit your income documents online through MOM website and usually the approval is quite fast (about 1-3days).
Next you will need to get insurance and security bond for your worker.
I have come across a super easy breezy applying for one through FWD insurance : https://www.fwd.com.sg/maid-insurance/online-quote/#/quotation/quickQuestions
You can fill in the questionnaire and tada you are done and will be directed to the payment page. Trust me the whole process only takes less than 10minutes.
Alternatively you can ask your maid agency to help you with it.

After this, the insurance company will submit the documents to MOM. You will then be issued with IPA. It is a simple process and all the required steps are written very clearly there.
Now comes the actual helper arriving at your door step :)…. I will cover this in my next blog..stay tuned!



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