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7 reasons to go for a Serviced Apartment for your business or leisure trip to Singapore

7 reasons to go for a Serviced Apartment for your business or leisure trip to Singapore

So finally you will be traveling to Singapore. You are confused on which option to choose for your comfortable stay in Singapore.Let us help you with you decision making process!

Here are the top 7 reasons on why you should seriously consider a serviced apartment rather than a Hotel for your upcoming trip.

1.Save on cost!

Undoubtedly the cost for serviced apartment is about 40% cheaper than nearby hotels. Most often guest can save on taxes and service fee as well. Should you compare with an open listing of normal rental in the market – you will be saving on the purchasing or furniture, fittings, home-wares, linens, kitchen equipment and many more. Not only it will take a lot of time to coordinate each of the listed item and every delivery, in the end you will end up paying for more. Save the hassle and be gentle to your pocket by opting for serviced apartment of your choice. Convenient and worry free.

2.Space, space, space

You can enjoy living in a bigger space compared to a tiny hotel room. Imagine staying in the bed all day with barely no space to walk freely. When you choose a serviced apartment you have bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. You will have more room to plan and do your daily activity.

3.Fully equipped kitchen & DIY laundry

Start cooking like a pro as soon you step inside the apartment. Service Apartments are fully equipped with pots, pans, cutleries, dinnerware and everything that you need to make a sumptuous meal. Hotel foods are same day in and day out, hence choosing to stay in a serviced residence will let you to plan your food each and everyday to your own desire.

As easy as ABC, you can wash and dry your clothing’s anytime convenient to you. Save money and time to send for dobby to wash your clothes.


Serviced Residence usually located at a secured condominiums or apartments that comes with 24hours security guards on patrol. Hence you can sleep and travel in peace when staying in a serviced apartment

5.Housekeeping & Home comfort

Let a housekeeper to assist you with the cleaning. Possibly the best part of a serviced apartment stay is that you experience the best of both worlds: home-style living with hotel service. Cleaning and daily linen service is a given so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Apartments are fully furnished and well equipped. From big items such as TV , couch , dinning table, to small items such as hangers, linens and towels everything is ready. You just need to bring your luggage and plug and play your life – its that easy.


You decide the duration of your stay! With a flexible lease term you are not tight up with long term commitment. Sometimes you do not know the exact duration on how long you will need to stay thus serviced apartment provide flexible options. You can either go with month to month booking or a confirmed firm date. With a flexibility of terminating the lease by fulfilling a reasonable notice period you do not need to pay long after your departure.Serviced apartments are customer-made for people who requires flexible term accommodations.

7.Full facility usage

Enjoy the full facilities at the residence such as Gym, pool, BBQ, tennis courts and many more to have a relaxed work trip in Singapore. You do not need to spend on signing up for gym as you can use the gymnasium within your condo building -yes that is a lot of money and time saving feature you do not want to miss.



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